I consider myself a decent painter, but don’t take it from me. Hear what previous customers have to say.


Pi’rats bloodbowl team, 2023, Norway. Tabletop+ level.

When I first saw the Punga Miniatures Pi`rats team, I wanted them badly. But I understood that my own painting skills would not do them justice. Therefore I looked around on the internet for a great painter who offered commission services. After doing some research, it became clear for me that Christopher would be a great choice. He had done some wonderful work in the past, and I liked how everyone seemed to praise him both for his work and for his business professionalism. They were absolutely right! From the first contact, everything was in order. He answered fast, presented a timetable, which he fulfilled to perfection, and established clear expectations, both regarding costing and result. During the painting process he kept me up to speed on a regular basis, sending me progress pics and reaching out when he needed feedback on specific colour schemes or details. All in all, I was quite impressed how everything worked so smoothly. There were no problems at all! Even when he at one time got his calculations wrong and overcharged me a few euros, he corrected it before I even noticed. Pure professionalism!

If the process was great, the end result was even better! I was so impressed with how the models turned out. Even if I had high expectations, Christopher definitely exceeded them. There is no doubt in my mind that the next time I look for a commission service, Christopher and Skoldpainting will be my choice!


Space Crusade, 2021-2022, United Kingdom. Elite level.

There are a plethora of wonderful painters out there who offer commission services, but Christopher is able to distinguish himself from the pack with a potent combination of vibrant elite level painting skills and business professionalism. It’s the latter element that can be lacking from other commission services, but it was clear from the first engagement with Christopher that he was a true professional with business sense. Communication and setting clear expectations with the customer is key in a service such as this – Christopher laid out clearly when he would be next available to tackle the commission (he’s a man in demand so there will be queue), provided a breakdown of the costing and how the phasing of payments would work. During the painting itself he kept me up to date with progress pics and reached out when alignment was needed on specific colour schemes or details. He was very responsive to my communications. All of the above filled me with confidence that my little space crusaders were being well looked after.

The painting itself was spectacular, ably capturing the nostalgic charm of these >30 year old miniatures yet with modern twists. My original brief was to have a finished product that would be a top tier Space Crusade set and be the pride of the internet. It’s clear from the reception on social media that Christopher’s talent more than exceeded expectations!”


Ultramarines characters, 2021, Sweden. Elite level.

I contacted Christopher last spring (2021) to see if he could paint some 40k Ultramarines characters up for me. Everything went so smoothly and simple. I got quick responses on my emails. I had to wait 6 months before it was my turn but it was worth it 100% as I was very happy with the quality of painting!

Very impressed with all the painted details on the minis. One transfer was missing on Marneus Calgar’s knee but Christopher freehanded the symbol perfectly. I fully recommend Skoldpainting for commissions!


The 7th Continent, 2021, The Netherlands. Tabletop+ level.

I found Christopher Skold on Instagram looking for a commission painter and was immediately drawn in by his painting style and techniques. By now he has painted Flamme Rouge and 7th Continent for me and I am more than happy with the results. The details and colours are amazing. And we are talking miniatures not bigger then 7mm in the case of the 7th continent!

His response is lightning fast so thumbs up on the communication. Prices vs the quality you get is also amazing. I can definitely recommend him to everybody looking for a great paint job on their miniatures. 


Flamme Rouge, 2021, France. Tabletop+ level.

I saw some painted Flamme Rouge riders on Christopher’s Instagram page and knew I had to get him to paint mine. I contacted him and immediately received a response. From that moment until receiving my painted minis in the mail today, the process was smooth and communication was quick and frequent. Christopher emailed me regularly with updates, including work-in-progress shots to tease me while I waited.

Based on these photos, I was excited to get the riders back in the mail. I felt like a kid on Christmas opening the package, and was thrilled with how everything turned out. They looked even better than in the photos!

I asked Christopher to paint one team so they were riding mini replicas of my own bike, and he delivered beautifully–even down to the small details on the frame. Now my green team riders will be winning in style! I can’t recommend Christopher enough. He’s very professional, and the quality is excellent


The Glottkin, 2020, Germany. Elite level

“The Glottkin has a personal value for me as it was a gift from my parents. So it was clear to me that she had to get the best painting. I became aware of Christopher through a friend and after some nice conversations I made the decision to have her painted.

I have not regretted this decision! Not only is Christopher an incredibly nice and sympathetic guy, he paints a miniature with incredible dedication and a very special personal touch.

If you are looking for something for the showcase, this is the place for you! I am convinced that the price-management ratio is right and have therefore decided to have further projects painted by Christopher.

Thank you my friend for this masterpiece!


Gotrek Gurnisson, 2020, Germany. Secret level

“From time to time I thought about having some of my miniatures painted. When I saw Gotrek of Skoldpainting (on Instagram), I was like ‘wow’ and took the first step asking for a price. And what can I say, then everything went very quickly and I do not regret it in any way”.


Stormsire’s cursebreakers, 2019, Sweden. Elite level

“I ran into Skoldpainting and was amazed by the pictures I saw. In five minutes I asked him to paint my warband the way he wanted, and it turned out perfect. Not only technically flawless, but also with a beautiful colour scheme.”


Stuffed fables, 2019, USA. Tabletop+ level

“After following Christopher’s Instagram page for a while, I was compelled to finally reach out to him for a commission. I was somewhat apprehensive using a service overseas, but his work is so unique I went for it. And it was a great decision. He met the target date exactly, and went above and beyond. I recieved a beautiful set of miniatures with top notch customer service throughout. It’s still hard to believe how they arrived so quickly”


Critical role, 2019, Sweden. Elite level

“Skoldpainting gets a top-rating, 10/10 from me. Christopher is not just a fantastic artist with a creative mind and perfection. He puts the customer at the center, but is not afraid to share his expertise.”


Dungeons and Dragons, 2019, Sweden. Elite level

Christopher has painted miniatures for me for some time now and I can give him my warmest recommendations.

I’ve commissioned several foreign artistis (UK, Italy, Germany, Russia) through the years, often on yearly commissions and Christopher’s service, quality, delivery precision and “going the extra mile” is rare to be seen.

He makes the gaming table shine and the players drool, me not excluded.


Scythe, 2018, Sweden. Tabletop+ level

“After a lot of research I decided to ask Skoldpainting to paint my Scythe collection. I had high expectations after seeing his previous work but he exceeded them by far. When I got to see the miniatures live they were even more stunning than in the pictures I had seen beforehand.

The quality was not only in the paintings but in the service as a whole. Christopher kept me updated with pictures, asked questions when it was needed and made good suggestions all the way. The packaging and handling was excellent and I already look forward to my next commission with Skoldpainting.

Rating: 5 out of 5″

Martin @spelglädje

Mansions of Madness, 2018, Sweden. Tabletop+ level

Professional, skilled and also very agreeable and accommodating. If you want to give your minis some extra love, Christopher is the painter you’re looking for!