Price list

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Budget level.

Flat, neat base colours with shading. Some citadel contrast paints might be used. Simple basing techniques.

Looks good in large numbers on the tabletop.



Standard level.

Base colours, shading and highlights. More details. Transfers. Bases can have tuffts, rocks and skulls

Looks good on the tabletop and on closer inspection.



Luxury level.

Base colours, shading and several highlights. Even more details and freehand symbols. OSL effects. Weathering and battle damage. Can have textured bases.

Models stand out from the masses, something to put on display.

Secret level


Single model only. Contact me for further details.



All prices and levels include mold line removal, assembly and basecoat spray.

Shipping will be added to the final sum. Shipping costs may vary between countries. Potential custom fees are to be paid by the customer.

I decide which category a miniature is. Some prices may vary for very simple or very complex models.

For your first order, you will pay the full amount before I start painting. Subsequent orders can be paid at any time during the painting process.

The prices seen here will stand throughout the order but may change over the course of the year. Also the exchange rates may vary.

When the client has reached the sum of SEK 5000:- (500$/€) on commission, the client will recieve a 10% discount on all further orders

I accept Swish (Sweden), IBAN-transfers and Paypal. For all purchases through Paypal an additional cost of 3,5 % will be added. The customer is responsible for any fees charged by the customers bank.